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2010-04-24 Rocket launch camera onboard video (2011-06-26)

My rocket : ) Intro to rocketry class at Casper College. Wickman Spacecraft & Propulsion Company in Casper, Wyoming Casper College 2010 Springs ES1100 Introduction To Rocketry Dr. John H. Wickman This one semester course in rocketry will provide an overview of various rocket propulsion concepts such as solid, hybrid, liquid, nuclear and antimatter. It will focus on composite solid rocket motors and cover their design, ballistic analysis, structural analysis and thermal analysis. During the first half of the semester, students will design, build and test their own solid rocket motor. The course will discuss the design, analysis and construction of rocket bodies including structural analysis, flight stability and recovery systems. During the last half of the semester, students will design, build and fly their own rocket.

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