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CYAL8R 17-08-2011 (2011-08-18)

Here is a quick video I lashed together of the rocket I launched on 17-09-2011 over a remote Lincolnshire field. The rocket called CYAL8R reached 5960 feet before falling to Earth without a chute. Luckily the rocket, onboard camera and electronics were completely undamaged. I am not sure why the chute wasn't there when it landed, perhaps I neglected to connect it to the rocket prior to launch!

Cygnus Directors Cut (2012-03-05)

PML Cygnus and SKYRIPPER 54mm K257 at EARS 2009 Added extra sceen from HD pad cam :)

Cygnus Hybrid Rocket Onboard Video (2011-05-29)

Video of a HPR Hybrid rocket launch taken on Easter Sunday 2011. The flight was a partial success, the thrust was much lower than expected resulting in the semi-stable flight and the low altitude. The rocket is a glassed phenolic version of the PML Cygnus and I flew it on the Skyripper 54mm K hybrid rocket motor. Onboard are two PerfectFlyte MAWD flight computers which perfermed perfectly as expected.

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