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2175 Estes Nemesis


Estes Nemesis on a B6-4 mainly straight launch with ejection at apogee, drifted down wind about 70 yards on a 11' parachute.  No damage.  2nd flight was exactly the same. - B6-4 - Brushy Creek Park, Austin Texas [More]

KV-9 Semroc Skyhook


Skyhook took off like... well a rocket. Super fast!  Lost in gray sky, did not see smoke trail or streamer.  Found rocket later unharmed about 100ft away on field.  - A8-3 - Brushy Creek Park, Austin Texas [More]

0805 Estes Mini-Bomarc TK-5


Made a mistake on motor size.  Rocket when up about 35 feet, looped over and slammed into ground lawn dart style.  Needs repairs. - 1/2 A3-4T - Brushy Creek Park, Austin Texas [More]


Custom Rockets - Ion Pulsar


7/28/22 Flew great on a A6-4, 100ft+ and B6-4 300ft with no issues. - A8-3 - Brushy Creek Park, Austin Texas [More]

1946 Estes Starhawk


Estes Starhawk 1946 - First flight, fairly straight with weather-cocking,  landed close, but broke tailfin. - A8-3 - Brushy Creek Park, Austin Texas [More]

Odd'l Rockets F-104


Odd'l Rockets F-104 first flight - Crazy flight, went up about 100ft then went due north for about 200ft before popping the chute and drifting across soccer parking lot and landed safely in grass ravine.  No damage somehow.  Thinking this is a no wind day only rocket. - B6-4 - Brushy ... [More]

Semroc Der V-1.5


2nd flight on a B6-4, very high, straight with nice chute release at Apogee.  Drifted forever across fields and into parking lot.  Scuff marks is only damage. - B6-4 - Brushy Creek Park, Austin Texas [More]

Semroc Der V-1.5


1st Flight - Flew very straight, with little drift,  parachute did not open, but no damage, landed 75ft away. - A8-3 - Brushy Creek Park, Austin Texas [More]

KV-22 Semroc Recruiter


1st Flight - Fantastic flight, straight as an arrow,  came down 100ft away on a 15 Mylar parachute.  No damage.  - B6-4 - Brushy Creek Park, Austin Texas [More]


Squirrel Works - Astrid


Fast liftoff, flew very straight,  used a 12' parachute vs the 15' due to gusting winds.  Seemed like the correct size for this light of a rocket.  No issues at all. - B6-4 - Brushy Creek Park, Austin Texas [More]

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