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Kloudbusters Rocketry Highlights from AIRFest 15, Sept 6, 2009 -- Part 2 (2009-09-08)
Highlights of high-power rocket launches at AIRFest 15 on Sunday Sept. 6 sponsored by KLOUDBusters. Part 2 of 2. Largest rocket launches are in part 2. The event was held about 7 miles south of ... [View]
"Don't You Dare" Level 3 Certification Attempt on Loki M3000 at AIRfest 16 (2010-11-27)
Rocket aptly named after my son's warning to me about my shenanigans. This rocket went to 17,000ft altitude, maximum speed of 1044mph, at an estimated Mach 1.4. This is a slideshow of the c ... [View]
Airfest 26 | Largest High Power Rocket Launch of 2020 Trailer (2020-09-09)
Subscribe for more rocketry content! I trekked once again to Argonia Kansas for the Kloudbusters Rocket Club's annual AIRFest rocket launch. [View]
Banshee Airfest 24 2018 Video (2018-09-03)
Launch of my "Banshee" rocket on Sept 1, 2018 at the Kloudbusters Airfest 24 launch [View]
Jiminy Cricket - LDRS 38 (CTI I242) (2019-09-11)
Jiminy Cricket (Madcow Cricket) flying on a CTI I242 motor at LDRS 38, in the Kloudbusters Rocket Pasture near Argonia, Kansas. August 30, 2019.  [View]
Kloudbusters Airfest 24 (2018) (2019-01-22)
Kloudbusters Airfest 24 (2018) FRIDAY: Jason G. 6" Demon, 98/12.5K John LOKI M-1969 Chuck S. Competitor 5 M-2200 Chris T. CTI J-354 GPS flight test Preston N. Intimidator 4 M-1250 John C. Spool ... [View]
LDRS 38 : The World's Largest High Power Rocket Launch (Part 1 ) (2019-09-08) LDRS is the Tripoli Rocketry Association's national high power launch. It stands for Large, Dangerous Rocket Ships. Every year hundreds of participants and spectators flock ... [View]
Madcow 2.6'' High Power Rocket Certification Flight (2017-10-20)
Tripoli Rocket Association Level 1 Certification flight. Kloudbusters. Rocket Details: Madcow 2.6'' thin wall fiberglass Loki Research 38/480 motor I-210 Red Maximum Altitude: 2,948 feet. Missile ... [View]
Marvin the Martian "Space Oddity" - LDRS 38 (2019-09-11)
Marvin the Martian's "Space Oddity" flying on a sparky O motor at LDRS 38, in the Kloudbusters Rocket Pasture near Argonia, Kansas. August 30, 2019. More details at ... [View]
OU Rocket Launch November 10th Argonia Kansas (2018-11-12)
On November 10th a four-student team from the University of Oklahoma launched a 14 foot tall, 104 lb rocket to over 8000 feet in Argonia Kansas at the "Kloudbusters" rocket pasture.  [View]
STUBBS (2009-07-26)
Stubbs at Kloudburst 19, Argonia KS. Flights on Aerotech H250G, and H210R. [View]
Tripoli L3 Certification Flight (2019-03-12)
Ultimate Wildman flying on an Aerotech M2500T with the Kloudbusters 3.10.2019. This is my Tripoli Rocketry Association level 3 certification flight. [View]