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24mm Deuce's Wild Night Launch (2011-06-17)

The rocket has two D12 motors that are canted. It did not go as planned since one of the D12 motors had a nozzle failure. This rocket is an upscale of the 18mm Deuce's Wild from Fliskits.

ATC 2000 Rocket Ride with Free Fall (2011-09-04)

My PML AMRAAM 4 was launched on a J350 at the June 2nd 2007 SEARS launch with a ATC 2000 camera on-board. Due to the mounting I used it flew off at 1900 feet. See what happens.

Cliff's Temporary Insanity (2011-05-31)

Cliff launched his 7.5 inch diameter Temporary Insanity rocket on an AMW M1350 at the SEARS Sept 6th Launch. The on-board camera was an ATC-2K. Thanks to Marty for the ground video.

Greg's World of Rockets 2002-2007 (2011-07-02)

A compilation of the rockets I have built and flown over the last five years. Thanks to Marty Wiggins, Tom Rackers and Kendall Brent for taking most of the videos. Also thanks to the SouthEast Alabama Rocketry Society (SEARS) for being such a great group of rocket buds.

Mighty Mo - The Movie (2011-06-21)

The Mighty Mo rocket was sucessfully flown for my Level 3 Certification at the 2007 Florida Winter Nationals

The ATC-2K Affair (2011-08-31)

The Oregon Scientific ATC-2K video action camera gets more than it bargained for in this action thriller. It takes place aboard the PML AMRAAM 4 rocket boosted by the mighty Aerotech J350 motor at white lightning speeds to 1900 feet. This is a Greg Lane production made on location at beautiful Samson, Alabama. Sponsored by the Southeast Alabama Rocketry Society

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