Rocketry Videos

By LaneKG

24mm Deuce's Wild Night Launch (2007-03-12)
The rocket has two D12 motors that are canted. It did not go as planned since one of the D12 motors had a nozzle failure. This rocket is an upscale of the 18mm Deuce's Wild from Fliskits. [View]

ATC 2000 Rocket Ride with Free Fall (2007-06-03)
My PML AMRAAM 4 was launched on a J350 at the June 2nd 2007 SEARS launch with a ATC 2000 camera on-board. Due to the mounting I used it flew off at 1900 feet. See what happens. [View]

Cliff's Temporary Insanity (2008-09-13)
Cliff launched his 7.5 inch diameter Temporary Insanity rocket on an AMW M1350 at the S.E.A.R.S. Sept 6th Launch. The on-board camera was an ATC-2K. Thanks to Marty for the ground video. [View]

Greg's World of Rockets 2002-2007 (2007-03-25)
A compilation of the rockets I have built and flown over the last five years. Thanks to Marty Wiggins, Tom Rackers and Kendall Brent for taking most of the videos. Also thanks to the SouthEast ... [View]

Mighty Mo - The Movie (2007-05-27) (DELETED)
The Mighty Mo rocket was sucessfully flown for my Level 3 Certification at the 2007 Florida Winter Nationals [View]

The ATC-2K Affair (2007-06-23)
The Oregon Scientific ATC-2K video action camera gets more than it bargained for in this action thriller. It takes place aboard the PML AMRAAM 4 rocket boosted by the mighty Aerotech J350 motor at ... [View]

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