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The following is a list of the most recent OpenRocket design files uploaded to the OpenRocket Library.

UploadedManufacturerDesign NameFile Name
2019-07-28-Unknown-Rocket Madcow_Adventurer2.ork
2019-07-28-Unknown-Rocket GOBLIN-With 29mm Adaptor 3-23-19.ork
2019-07-28-Unknown-BT70-Yellowjacket BT70-Yellowjacket-29mm.ork
2019-07-28-Unknown-Yellow Jacket 3 yellow jacket 3.ork
2019-07-28-Unknown-Rocket Balls_19_Project.ork
2019-07-26-Unknown-MAC Black Fly 54mm MAC BlackFly 4.ork
2019-07-11EstesEstes - Sterling Silver estes-007275–STERLING_SILVER.ork
2019-07-05-Unknown-Rocket Ale2.ork
2019-06-18-Unknown-Rocket BMS_3_inch_school_rocket.ork
2019-06-16-Unknown-Optima XXL 5.5in Shadow_5.5in_.38.ork
2019-06-13-Unknown-Quest Magnum Sport Loader ... Quest Magnum Sport Loader (3012) Payload Section.ork
2019-06-13-Unknown-Quest Magnum Sport Loader ... Quest Magnum Sport Loader (3012).ork
2019-06-01-Unknown-Rocket Zeta 4-1-P payload booster.ork
2019-05-27-Unknown-Destroyer (Club Competition ... destroyer(school competition rocket).ork
2019-05-12-Unknown-Estes Change Spacer E to D ... Estes Change Spacer E to D Engine (PN 35005).ork
2019-05-12-Unknown-Estes 24 mm Motor Retainer ... Estes 24 mm Motor Retainer Set (PN 72417).ork
2019-05-06-Unknown-Space Dart SpaceDartv1.ork
2019-05-06-Unknown-Space Dart SpaceDartv1.ork
2019-05-06-Unknown-Wildman, Ultimate Interceptor ... Wildman Modified Ultimate Interceptor.ork
2019-04-08-Unknown-Foguete PVC.ork

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