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2018-05-07HobgoblinNorth Coast RocketryHobgoblinKitJohn C.
2018-04-27Ring of FireArt Applewhite RocketsRing of FireKitDick Stafford
2018-04-23Super Neon XLEstesSuper Neon XLKitGareth Williams
2018-04-20Launch MissileSemrocLaunch MissileKitSteven Gill
2018-04-15RecruiterEstesRecruiterKitGraeme Cooke
2018-02-18KadetEstesKadetKitBill Eichelberger
2017-12-01Red RhinoAnimal Motor WorksRed RhinoKitDavid Hunt
2017-04-24PartizonEstesPartizonKitAndrew B
2017-03-22CondorTHOYCondorKitJohn Eric Thompson
2017-02-22PartizonEstesPartizonKitAndrew B
2017-02-20Starlight Model Rocketry - ...ScratchStarlight Model Rocketry - ...ModificationAndrew B
2017-02-06VectorEstesVectorCloneBill Eichelberger
2017-01-25Generic E2XEstesGeneric E2XKitBill Eichelberger
2017-01-20Mega MosquitoEstesMega MosquitoKitJohn Eric Thompson
2017-01-19220 SwiftEstes220 SwiftKitBill Eichelberger
2017-01-18Minnie-MagLOC/PrecisionMinnie-MagKitDavid Hunt
2016-11-16LDRS-XIX VideoPoint 39 ProductionsLDRS-XIX VideoOther ProductJohn Eric Thompson
2016-10-30Star OrbiterEstesStar OrbiterKitChris Flanigan
2016-09-25Sky MasterStarlight RocketsSky MasterKitClifford Campo
2016-09-23Top ShotEstesTop ShotKitChris Flanigan

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