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New Frontiers of Model Rocketry: Multistage Model Rockets (2007-06-09)
Model rocketry enthusiasts Batuhan Hoskan and Tanil Ozkan igniting their homemade 2 stage 45 cm rocket equipped with a wireless takeoff system, soft landing parachute and miniaturized 2cm lens ... [View]
MVI_5448.AVI (2011-10-17)
Second attempt with the 12V system. I accidentally fired it prematurely--momentary contact, but all 4 ignitors fired. Not captured on this video, I later fired the same ignitors again, with more ... [View]
3d printed rockets pt2 (2020-06-17)
Let’s take a look at the 3d printed rockets in more detail along with the launchpad and launch controller.  [View]
Estes Pro Series II Launch Controller (2019-02-05)
This video gives you some basic features of the Estes Industries Pro Series II Launch Controller. [View]
G. & Daddy launch Model Rocket on a beautiful November day in Maine! (B6-4 / Estes Taser) (2013-11-16)
Sunny, 53 F. Winds calm. Beautiful day for a ROCKET LAUNCH! Great farm field in Lewiston Maine that makes for a perfect launch area after all the farming is done for the season... Winds were pretty ... [View]
Homemade Model Rocket Launch Controller and Launch Pad (2012-09-14)
This video shows a home built launch controller and launch pad and an Estes Big Bertha rocket. I built this rocket, launch pad and controller 6 years ago and have finally got around to sanding and ... [View]
Semroc Hawk Glider Rocket - Estes Pro-Series II Launch Controller (2019-09-01)
Rocket: Semroc Hawk Glider. Launch Controller: Estes New Pro-Series II. Purchased: Roger's Hobby Center in Saginaw, Michigan High recommended: Estes Pro-series II ... [View]