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Alex Launches a Rocket "Little Rascal" (2011-12-31)

Congratulations dude!

DEVO Rocket launch video (2011-12-31)

Launch of the Devo rocket I made, scratch build. Nose cone turned on a lathe, and balsa fins. Powered by estes d12-5

Edible Rocket Launch- ginger bread fins & rice crispy treat airframe cti H-255 motor (2014-01-18)

This edible rocket made by Jeff Geraci was condtructed of a rice crispy treat airframe over a 38mm MMT. Gingerbread fins were attached with royal icing fille...

LAUNCH VIDEO for Sponge Bob Square Pants (2011-12-31)

Sponge Bob flies, and flies well! The announcer from ROC was too much, a very funny guy. Anyway, the E9 motor worked out great for this rocket- thanks rocketry forum guys!

LAUNCH VIDEO of "Woody" Rocket (2011-12-31)

I thought this rocket was junk, but MAN it flew nicely. The solid pine nose cone I machined was nice and heavy, making for a straight flight.

Launch Video of my P-29 COBRA at NSL 2011 (2011-08-28)
Level 2 open-body missile nearing completion (2011-12-26)
Onboard Video Rocket Launch- Level 1 certification (2011-09-16)
Painting for Dummies tutorial #2 COLOR schemes (2012-01-11)

Two and three color paint schemes are good, but it's really more about proportion. You don't need to look far for a good color scheme; it's been done for you already- by focus groups.

Removeable motor assembly explained - rocketry forum (2011-09-17)
Rocket Launch "see-thru-PO" (2011-08-19)

You may want to fastforward past the halfway point- video is kinda long. This is my experimental cluster rocket that has a hole running through the body (you can look through one end of this rocket and see all the way through). The motors were too small, and a hastily repaired fin broke off at launch, not to mention the winds were at about 14mph. The mini A10 motors were also to small to blast off the nose cap, so no chute either. I'm working on an upscale version that I guarantee will fly perfect! Will post that soon.

Rocket Launch- e. coli express (2011-08-19)

The "e. coli express" lifted off, but the motor was too weak (A10-3). I'm working on an upscale version to run on a c6-5. The announcer was hillarious, but the winds drown him out. I'll post the next launch soon.

Rocket painting tutorial #01 for TRF (2012-01-08)

Here's how to get clean, straight lines without paint running under your tape! This technique works great when your surface is rough or uneven, or when the paint you're using is runny or thin.

Rocket painting tutorial #4 (2012-01-20)

Covers the use of a respirator

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