Rocketry Videos

By Leo

Estes Alpha & "How High SP" Altimeter Flights (2009-10-03)
I've always wanted to know how high my small low powered rockets would fly. Thanks to a company called "Winged Shadow Systems" this is now possible. The altimeter is called "How High SP" and is a ... [View]

Estes Mongoose ALTDuino Altimeter Test Flight #21 (2012-10-06)
I wanted to give my ALTDuino altimter one more test run making sure the thrust cutoff detection recognition code is working correctly. It was a success and a perfect flight. Maybe sometime I'll ... [View]

Estes Mongoose Homemade "ALTDuino" Altimeter Dual Deploy Recovery (2012-09-07)
Estes Mongoose flown in 2 stage configuration on 2 Sept. 2012 in Orangeburg SC, USA. The dual deploy altimeter is homemade. For more information please visit On board footage ... [View]

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