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2 Rocket Camera Flights taken in Columbia, SC USA (2011-05-29)

I had the chance of strapping a Keychain and GumCam camera on some rockets while I was in Columbia SC, USA with a friend for some great rocket launches. This video shows 2 launches with the first being an Estes Maxi Alpha 3 with a mounted Key Chain camera and the second an Estes Hijax rocket carrying a GumCam camera on it's side.

ALTDuino Altimeter Flight #58 (2014-01-17)

This is the third flight using the new German made Klima D9-P rocket engine. In the slow mo you can clearly see the so-called diamond shaped exhaust impulses. My homemade altimeter once again functioned perfectly. I hope you enjoy the video.

Estes Mongoose with Dual Deploy Ejection (2011-10-05)
Jon Chrisman's "Ultimate Wildman" Level 3 Certification Flight (2012-10-10)

Jon's successful level 3 certification flight with his rocket "Ultimate Wildman". Flown at Freedom Launch 2012 on September 1st in Orangeburg, South Carolina, USA. Technical Adviser was Tom Binford. Engine used was a CTI M1810 redline. With onboard his Ultimate Wildman was my homemade altimeter logger that Jon was kind enough to take along in his rocket. For more information on the altimeter visit Thanks and congrats on your successful certification Jon!

Maiden Dual Deploy Flight of the Mongoose (2011-09-20)
Maiden Keychain Camera Model Rocket Launch (2011-05-29)

I strapped my new keychain camera to an Estes Antares rocket with streamer recovery powered by an old B6-4 rocket engine (manufacture date: 27th March 1977). The second flight was an Estes Patriot rocket with parachute recovery powered by a German made MOOG*NICO B4-4 rocket engine (manufacture date: 1988). These mini cameras are great fun to play with.

The last flight of my "ALTDuino-Rocks!" (2014-01-17)

Today was suppose to be the 31. flight of the ALTDuino altimeter with my "ALTDuino-Rocks!" rocket. Unfortunately things didn't go as planed. Upon ignition the rocket engine blew it's top resulting in a CATO (Catastrophe At Take Off) and the lose of the lower section of the rocket. I think the video says it all :-( The upper section including the altimeter escaped any damage.

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