By Kevin McKeever


 2014-04-1 Kevin McKeever's Scrapnator / add on Payload, Lighthouse Scrapnator

top to bottom-

nose cone:  plastic, 7" 1/2 L  x  2/10" W spike going thogh something I found in a plumers junk draw that is rounded and has 2 tiny slide grips one on each side. I cut two 7"L, x shaped  thin coffee stirrers in half. I taped one 1/2 on each side of rocket body with a half of the halfs not on the boby tube to go though the grips on the nose cone useing thier x shapes  ( /-x-\  ) like that. Then I Put a staw on each stirrers and tied it to the grips and the tips of the stirrers with thead so as not to lose the staws