Scratch - Lil' Ivan Upscale Scratch

Manufacturer: Scratch
Product Type: Scratch
Style: Upscale
  • Scratch - Lil' Ivan Upscale {Scratch} By John Bergsmith (December 1, 2009)

    The Lil' Ivan was originally a kit from Centuri, but now produced by Semroc. For whatever reason it's been a favorite of mine and I wanted a larger version. This version upscales to a BT-80 for a scaling factor of 1.61 for a design using a 24mm motor mount. Parts List: Main BT-80H Motor Tube BT50H (1) CR5080F (1) CR5080 lite ply Nose BNC-80HL Fins 1/8" Basswood 3/16" ...

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