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1:9 scale Saturn 1B flights by Vern Hoag and Steve Eves at MDRA (2011-06-24)

Two 1:9 scale Saturn 1B rockets, the first launched by Vern Hoag and the second by Steve Eves, facilitated by the rocket boys at MDRA. It doesn't get any better (or cooler) than this! Although Vern had some recovery issues and Steve's second stage didn't fire, both will be back with even cooler projects in the future!

Scorpion Staging Failure w/onboard video (2011-08-31)

Vintage Estes Scorpion on a B6-0 to B6-6. Must have had a bad batch of B6-6's...had several failures. Luckily, the rocket (and camera) survived! Note the broken fin at the end.

Steve Eves Saturn V @ MDRA (2012-05-18)

Steve Eves' record-setting 1/10th scale Saturn V launched on 4/25/09 at Higgs Farm on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The MDRA rocket boys know how to do it right!

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