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L3 or Shred - Sam's NAR L3 Certification Attempt (2012-03-08)
Flight of Sam's Gizmo XL on a CTI M2250 and the resulting CATO (catastrophic motor failure). The motor failed due to a weak liner which caused the aft (nozzle) end of the casing to burn through. The ... [View]
snow-ranch-2010-04-03.wmv (2010-04-06)
Compilation of 210 frames-per-second videos from LUNAR Snow Ranch launch, April 3, 2010. From Chili-Eatin' Charlie to a whole bunch of HPR, check out the TARC fwd closure issue at the end. [View]
Sledgehammer M1550 Launch - Onboard video cam (2008-12-08)
This was the biggest launch of the day, with the largest motor permissible in California. Mavericks Sledgehammer flying on a Aerotech M1550 Redline motor. It was a perfect flight, with video capture ... [View]
snow ranch 03142009 0002 (2009-03-15)
LUNAR launch at Snow Ranch, March 14, 2009. Gene's L3 launch in 420 fps. Three drag races in 210 fps. [View]
High Power Rocket Fail (2011-01-10)
A teen attempts his Junior Level 1 High Power Rocketry Certification on a Loc IV with a H-123-W motor to 2,000 feet at Snow Ranch, California on 1/8/11. The nose cone and parachute separated from ... [View]
01_ion_disruptor (2012-04-09)
My scratch built Ion Disruptor on an H170 Metalstorm reload, drilled to an 8 second delay. Great flight! LUNAR Snow Ranch launch, 04/07/12. [View]
06_tank_girl (2012-03-04)
Tank Girl returning to Earth. LUNAR Snow Ranch launch, March 3, 2012. [View]
Bedknobs and a Broomstick at Snow Ranch - Dec 3, (2011-12-05)
Bedknobs and a Broomstick, launched at LUNAR's Snow Ranch launch, December 3, 2011. She flew on an Aerotech G64-4W; this was the first flight follow repairs to the body of the rocket. A friend ... [View]
Big Pink II on G76-5 at LUNAR launch at Snow Ranch Mar 3, 2012 (2012-03-05)
March 2012 LUNAR launch at Snow Ranch: This is my tube fin rocket "Big Pink II" going up on an Aerotech G76-5. Yes, I had to drill out the delay to accommodate the extra weight of this big beast. ... [View]
Kit's tuber (2012-02-06)
Kit's tuber. LUNAR Launch, 02/04/12. [View]
Meatgrinder (2012-02-05)
My scratch built Meatgrinder on a 38mm G67 Redline reload. LUNAR Launch, 02/04/12. [View]
MVI_1667.MOV (2010-02-14)
Estes Cosmic Cobra. Parachute and helicopter recovery. C6-5 motor. LUNAR launch at Snow Ranch, 021310. [View]
qcc2 (2011-12-04)
QCC Explorer landing. LUNAR Snow Ranch Launch, 12/03/11. [View]
Rocket: Three Launches- Two high, One low power (2007-01-06)
Three launches of various rocket sizes and motors First Launch is a modified EZI-65 by Loc Precision. Second Launch is an Estes Payloader flown with a B motor on a very gusty day. Third launch is a ... [View]
Slipstream (2011-01-09)
My scratchbuilt Slipstream on an Aerotech D76 Mojave Green reload at Snow Ranch. [View]
Tony Cooper's pinata rocket (2011-01-09)
Tony Cooper's pinata rocket - it drops candy. Very cool! [View]
'Big Pink' on G53-5FJ (2011-04-03)
The LUNAR April 2nd launch at Snow Ranch. My "Big Pink" tube fin rocket boosting on an Aerotech G53 Fast Jack motor. "Rocket Science - Making everything else look simple since 1958" [View]
2018 April LUNAR Club Launch - David and John Robb's Rocket Launch (2018-04-16)
Final able to attend a LUNAR launch this year. Between weather and college tours this first one I could attend. LUNAR was green after the recent rains. Weather was perfect temp in the 70s, sunny, ... [View]
2018-01-13 Snow Ranch Flight 1 (2018-05-22)
On board video from scratch built Max Q at Snow Ranch January 13, 2018. Aerotech H115DM, 1524 ft. apogee (Jolly Logic altimeter 3). Chute release at 300 ft. [View]
DX3 XL High Power Rocket Test Flight 12-8-18 (2018-12-10)
Phil & Will Hodges flight-test a Level 3 build of a Madcow DX3-XL high power rocket on an Aerotech L1000 motor. Launched December 8, 2018 at Snow Ranch near Farmington, CA with the Livermore ... [View]
Erik's Two-Stage Rocket at Snow Ranch (2011-04-04)
A booster CATO pops the upper stage up, which then lights perfectly.  [View]
Estes Leviathan NAR L1 Certification Flight AeroTech H128W-M, Snow Ranch CA, April 2nd 2016 (2016-04-04)
I built an Estes Pro Series II Leviathan Kit with the intent to attempt a NAR Level 1 Certification Flight using an H class motor. The only modifications made fromt eh stock kit were: 1. Installed a ... [View]
Estes Ventris L1 Certification at Snow Ranch LUNAR meet. (2014-03-09)
Level 1 NAR Certification flight of Estes Ventris PS-II rocket on Aerotech H128-10 white lightning motor. Ascent is slow-mo 1/4 time, descent is 20X time. Apogee 2,588 feet, max. speed 524 feet. [View]
LOC Athena3 Rocket, Aerotech H210R-M (2016-12-07)
LOC Athena3 Rocket Dual Deploy with StratologgerCF Aerotech RMS 29/240 H210R-M LUNAR Launch Event Snow Ranch, CA December 3rd, 2016 [View]
Logan shooting model rockets at LUNAR event (2011-12-19)
Logan shooting model rockets at NASA airfield. [View]
Madcow Level2 High Power Rocket Launch, Aerotech K550W (2016-11-13)
LUNAR Chapter of the National Rocketry Association Snow Ranch Launch, near Farmington CA November 5th, 2016 Rocket: Madcow Level-2, 4-inch All Fiberglass Airframe Loaded Weight: ~12.8 lbs Motor: ... [View]
Madcow Level2 Rocket, Aerotech K1103X (2017-03-09)
The Aerotech K1103X packs quite a punch with more than 1800 N-sec total impulse. Snow Ranch, CA December 3rd, 2016 [View]
Mike B - K560w (2014-12-07)
Mike flies his beautiful dominator 4 on an Aerotech K1000W at Snow Ranch 2014 [View]
Mike B - K560w Pad video (2014-12-07)
Mike flies a Dominator 4 on an Aerotech K560w at Snow Ranch 2014 [View]
Phil and Will Hodges Firestorm 54 Rocket Flight 04 14 18 (2018-04-15)
2nd flight of the Firestorm 54 on an Aerotech K828 Black Max rocket motor. Max altitude 10,268 ft, max speed 898 mph (Mach 1.17). Filmed at the LUNAR launch event at Snow Ranch on April 14, 2018. [View]
Rocket Launches 8-21-10 (2010-08-22)
Two rocket launches from the LUNAR launch at Moffett Field, CA on August 21, 2010. Launches: Estes Executioner on an Aerotech E15-4W engine Aerotech G-Force on an Aerotech G77-4R engine [View]