Rocketry Videos

By Loki Research

38/480 blue static test at MDRA (2013-01-21)
Static test of a 38/480 blue motor at MDRA the summer of 2009 [View]

76/6000 Tropical Cocktail Flight (2013-09-05)
Mark flew a 76/6000 Tropical Cocktail load in a 4" rocket at AirFest 19 on Sept 2nd 2013. [View]

Loki Research J-1127 Loki Blue Flight (2014-09-04)
Chris Short fly's his 3" diameter Bomb Pop on a Loki Research J-1127 Loki Blue in the 38/1200 hardware at Airfest 20. [View]

Loki Research M-1882 (2014-09-30)
Mark Cole's 5" diameter Broken Arrow 5 on a Loki Research 76/6000 M-1882 Loki White at High Frontier 11 in Pawhuska, OK, 9/27/14 [View]

Rocket motor static test. 3 grain 54mm J-312 (2011-10-15) (NEW)
This is a static test of ZV-1 propellant in a 54mm 3 grain bates configuration. The motor was a 1,266Ns, J-312 with a 4 second burn time,and peak thrust of 100 lbs. [View]

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