Scratch - Lord of the Rings Scratch

Manufacturer: Scratch
Product Type: Scratch
Style: Multi-Stage, Ring/Tube/Cone Fin
  • Scratch - Lord of the Rings {Scratch} By Jim Zamecnik (September 1, 2011)

    A 3-stage scratch built. Clustered 1st stage, gap-staged: 3xC6-0 > D12-0 > D12-7. Ring fin on each stage. Payload bay for Magnetic Apogee Detector ejection. motor ejection charge is baffled (Kaplow-type baffle) See RockSim file for specs. All parts are standard items from Totally Tubular or Estes, with the exception of the 4" diam. ring fins, which were cut from a "Swiss Miss" hot ...

Rocksim Design Files

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