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Intimidator 5 @ Red Glare 8 (2010-04-27)
My Intimidator 5 @ Red Glare 8 on an EX M2700BD (Blue Diablo) Altitude was 11,119' [View]
Viper - MDRA ESL 154 (2011-07-20)
Scott Tyrrell's "Viper" rocket on a EX 6000 n/s M2000 Green motor of my making. MDRA ESL 154 launch on 3/20/2011. [View]
Jerry's Big Sparkie Rocket Motor (2006-12-22)
Slow mo of Jerry's enormous M motor Sparky at ESL 90.....Jerry built a fabulous motor. [View]
LDRS 38 Boosted Arcas-3 Two Stage (2019-09-08)
Minimum diameter 3" two stage flying on an Aerotech L1520T staging to a M2108 research motor. [View]