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Cliff's Temporary Insanity (2008-09-13)
Cliff launched his 7.5 inch diameter Temporary Insanity rocket on an AMW M1350 at the S.E.A.R.S. Sept 6th Launch. The on-board camera was an ATC-2K. Thanks to Marty for the ground video. [View]
Goblin M1350 (2010-06-14)
My 7.5" upscale Estes Goblin on an Animal Motor Works M1350. [View]
Blue Maxx onboard video (2008-06-26)
Kevin Cornelius' Blue Maxx onboard video with an AMW M1350 [View]
Keycam Goblin M1350.AVI (2010-06-14)
I taped a key fob video camera to the black band just above the fins of my upscale Goblin. Then I launched it on an Animal Motor Works M1350 :-) It barely stayed on but this is the result. [View]