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Standard Missile Rocket Maiden Flight - MDRA ESL#166 (2012-03-12)
Maiden flight of my scratch-built "SM-XMR SAM" 6" diameter, 8.5ft tall, 35lb rocket. Motor is an Aerotech M1500G. Footage was obtained with a ContourGPS HD downward facing camera in the nose cone. ... [View]
4CRA September Rockets with High Power Shred 20170902 (2017-09-03)
4 Corners Rocketry Association September flights. First rocket was a Markarian 231 on an Aerotech 1500 Mojave Green that successfully flew to 16000' and landed close to the launch site. The second ... [View]
Dirk & Eric Gates Sumo M2100, 4 M1500 (2020-07-31)
Cool Flight of Dirk & Eric Gates Sumo on an M-2100 and 4 M-1500 From LDRS 28 DVD [View]
Level3Flight (2018-04-28)
Flight of a Wildman Darkstar Ultimate on a AeroTech M1500G at Virginia Tech's Kentland Farm. [View]
Rocket Launch - Cert 3 Flight (2014-07-20)
Nick Green's Cert 3 Flight AeroTech M1500G [View]