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Manufacturer: Public Missiles
Product Type: -Undefined-
  • Public Missiles Matrix By Doyle Tatum

    (by Doyle Tatum - 10/15/00) Brief: The parachute is a standard PML Nylon 'chute with a spill hole and the decent is a little too fast. I plan to add an altimeter to the payload to deploy an additional chute at 300'. Construction: There is a Quantum (plastic) tube for the body and one for the payload. Both are pre-slotted for the fins. It has three G-10 fiberglass fins. The ...

  • Public Missiles Matrix By Carl Tulanko

    (by Carl Tulanko) Brief: The PML Matrix is a sport rocket advertised as a meteor defense weapon with a futuristic look about it. The kit is a 3” diameter model made for H and I high-power motors and uses a 3 fin configuration, although there are twelve fins total for the model. Construction: The kit came in a bag and included all the necessary parts; 3” diamete ...

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