Rocketry Videos

By Max Wolf

Calculating Drag Force and Estimating Peak Altitude of a Model Rocket (2018-07-13)
In this video, I used an Estes Alpha 3 to help determine the maximum speed of a model rocket in flight, calculate drag force, and estimate the peak altitude achieved by the rocket. [View]

Madcow DX3 (2.6") First Flight - Onboard and External Cameras (2019-04-14)
My friend Emmett Hart and I are building a datalogging rocket for our engineering final project. We built a DX3 to test our building skills. It flew great. The timestamp on the video is wrong. [View]

Madcow DX3 on a CTI G57 (2019-11-17)
My first flight on a reusable motor. It performed well and the launch was mostly successful. I did lose the nose cone, as my friction fit did not hold for this launch. The nose cone may have been ... [View]

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