Rocketry Videos

By mbauer57

1-12 scale Mercury Redstone 80-psi Air Launch.AVI (2012-06-17)
1:12 Scale Mercury Freedom 7 80lbs of air pressure launch. Height was over 100 feet Above Gorunf Level (AGL). Need to work on a recovery system as the next step. Nosecone was crushed, good thing ... [View]

20inch Long Paper F104 Flys to 60ft.AVI (2010-06-11)
F104 Starfighter Stomp Rocket. Forgot to do a glide test-this is the result! What is a Stomp Rocket? A small paper cardstock model design to fly using Compressed Air. To power model, you simply ... [View]

6ft Saturn V Flying-30ft.AVI (2012-04-01)
6 ft tall Saturn V Paper Cardstock Rocket. Uses compressed air to power it to altitude! Simple system can be made from PVC pipe and fittings. Rocket will be listed for sale on ebay. ... [View]

Paper Cardstock Saturn V go Bang-90 lbs launch air pressure.AVI (2012-06-18)
Final flight of the Saturn V paper cardstock rocket I built last spring. Weight kept going up as repair after repair was made. Lots of energy this time blew the whole rocket apart. Most of the ... [View]

Stomp on a Soda Bottle, Air Powers Paper Saturn 1B Rocket to 75ft AGL.AVI (2010-05-28) (DELETED)
Launcher is made from 1/2" tubing. Total cost is less than $10 to make. Slide a 2-litre soda bottle on the tubing to launch paper rockets. Just Stomp on bottle and watch Rocket go. Saturn 1B ... [View]

Stomp Rocket F106 Paper Airplane 24" Long, 15" Wingspan 51.65 grams.AVI (2010-06-22)
Here is the F106 Delta Lawn Dart. Flys ok using just a 1.5 liter bottle to launch. Will go higher, faster using a 2-liter soda bottle. Checkout for the model! [View]

Stomp Rocket F106 Right Turn.AVI (2010-06-22)
This paper cardstock model weighs 51.65 grams flying weight. 24" long with a 15" wingspan, Flys ok using a 1.5-liter bottle. WIll use bigger2-liter bottle for more testing later. lAuncher cost less ... [View] V.AVI (2010-12-06)
Modified Higher Performance Saturn V made from Paper Cardstock. Rocket Height = 27.75" Tall Rocket Diameter = 2.86" Weight Ready to Fly = 41.25 gm Outside Temp. = 19.5 deg F Rocket went to ... [View]

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