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 Rocketry Product: Estes - Mean Machine {Kit} (1295) [1978-1998, 2007-2013, 2018-]

estes mean machine with video camera (2010-04-28)
This was the first flight I did with a mean machine rocket equipped with an on board video camera. Sorry for all the spinning. I used a E9-9. This is one of my first attempts at using Microsoft ... [View]
Into the Blue (model rocketry) (2008-12-08)
Model rocket flying with HART club in the UK. Filmed and edited on video in the late nineties. Including X-Wing, Mean Machine, clustered motors, and an RC plane. [View]
Mega Mean Machine CTI K590 Dual Thrust ROCtober 2011 (2011-10-20)
Upscale 5.5" Estes Mean Machine Cesaroni K590DT Dual Thrust Bryce [View]
2nd Launch July 30, 2007. Estes D12-5 engine. Full launch with ejection just after apogee. [View]
Estes Mean Machine #1 D12-3 First Launch (2020-08-10)
Mean Machine #1 Launch 1 D12-3 HD 1080 USB cam 300 feet 135 km/h [View]
Estes Mean Machine Model Rocket With Recovery.wmv (2012-11-24)
Ready to fly on Pad B at the Colorado Rocketry Association of Space Hobbyists, launch 10-20-2012. [View]
Estes Model Rocket Flights Including a D12-3 CATO (2020-01-06)
Description: Launch of Estes Crossfire, Amazon, Patriot, Centuri, and Mean Machine. The Mean Machine suffered a CATO when the D12-3 exploded at launch. [View]
Estes V2 Rocket built by team Addieey! (2020-08-30)
Flying rockets with Emiliano's best friend Tristan. 4 rockets: V2, mean machine, Saturn V, and the Mega Der Red! Everything went smooth and Emiliano and his friends had a great time. [View]
Mean Machine Shred (2019-11-22)
We tried to push my dad's 21 ft Mean Machine upscale past mach and 12000 ft on an N2220 Dark Matter motor. The result was an epic shred and some amazing video. We were also trying out our new tower ... [View]
Model Rocket Launches include Mean Machine, Odyssey, Hi-Flier XL and more (2020-06-01)
In this video we launch the following Estes model rockets, in order: Mean Machine; U.S. Army Patriot M-104; Odyssey; Dragonite; Hi-Flier XL; Crossfire ISX; Star Trooper; Baby Bertha (2 different ... [View]
Model Rocketry 20190622 (2019-06-23)
The Mean Machine mid-power rocket launch today used the BBA launch controller and igniter. An onboard camera provides a good view of the launch and the downwind ride. We hiked about 500m to retrieve ... [View]
RB's RC's: mean machine build and 2 launches ESTES rocket (2019-02-25)
Over 6’ tall ! Fun build and crazy looking This body is a two piece that locks together for transportation and the joint let go on the first launch so I taped it together for the second one. ... [View]
Rocket launch: Mean Machine catastrophic motor failure (2019-11-28)
During a routine launch of my Mean Machine rocket, the E motor suffered a catastrophic failure ("cato") and the propellant shot out of the motor casing. This basically resulted in a fireball tearing ... [View]
This launch of Estes Mean Machine model rocket on a D12-5 rocket engine reached an altitude of 450 feet. I added a section to this rocket to make it stand over 7 ft. tall. Watch as this monster ... [View]
Upscale Mean Machine on J275W (2014-03-16)
Rocket stands 12 ft tall and weighed 9.5 lbs on the pad. [View]