Squirrel Works - Mega Baron Kit

Manufacturer: Squirrel Works
Product Type: Kit
  • Squirrel Works Mega Baron By Chan Stevens (June 1, 2008)

    ( Contributed - by Chan Stevens - 06/01/08) Brief: The Mega Baron is an upscale of the Squirrel Works Red Baron flying Jenny biplane design. Given the performance of my regular baron, the thought of sending this skyward and possibly off into the horizon on 24mm motors had me leaning towards radio control. Construction: Your $36 buys a lot of balsa, as the kit contains the ...

  • Squirrel Works Mega Baron By Peter Davidson (October 25, 2007)

    Brief: The Squirrel Works Mega Baron is a truly glorious 24mm-powered upscale of Squirrel Works's famed Red Baron boost-glider and is surely one of the biggest boost-gliders on the market. Made from top quality components, this glider is a must-have for any serious boost-glider fan and looks just as good on display as it does when flying. Construction: The Mega Baron's ...


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