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Estes - Mega Mosquito {Kit} (001335)

Diameter:2.6000 inches
Length:18.6000 inches
Skill Level:3
Style:Sport, Upscale

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This is a great kit.

The little E 22 CTI 24mm 1-grain reload worked perfectly with a 5 second delay. The camera is the keychain digital camer model 808 #16 model.  The holder is a 3D printed shroud that can be easily attached to a 2.0 inch diameter body tube.

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    Flight Log

    DateRocket NameMotor(s)AltitudeNotes
    2011-09-19John Bergsmith's MosquitoEstes D12-3-First flight was great, ejected slightly early.
    2011-09-19John Bergsmith's MosquitoEstes E9-4-Great flight, great motor.
    2014-04-26Rodney Earp's Mega MosquitoD12-5- Short flight, the Estes D12 is ok but needs more
    2014-04-27Rodney Earp's Mega MosquitoE11J600 feet Great flight! This engine is perfict for it. Slow off the pad with nice black smoke and not to ...
    2014-05-24 Richard Holmes's Mega MosquitoD12-3- Got a nice compliment on the finish at the safety check, which surprised me a bit but we’re ...
    2014-05-25 Richard Holmes's Mega MosquitoE9-6- I’m not sure, but I think we never launched the Eggscaliber on an E, at least not under my ...
    2014-06-21Edward Chess's Estes - Mega MosquitoD12-3- Perfect boost for first flight, no rotation, chute at apogee. No damage on landing.
    2014-06-21 Richard Holmes's Mega MosquitoE9-6- 18″ Top Flight chute for an all-orange experience. It went as well as the little one did, ...
    2014-06-28 Richard Holmes's Mega MosquitoD12-3- After E9 cato on previous flight I didn't want to use either of my remaining E9s (one old and one ...
    2014-07-05 Bob Bernatchez's Estes - Mega MosquitoE9-4- Great first flight
    2014-07-26Edward Chess's Estes - Mega MosquitoD12-3- Chute just past apogee, excellent delay for this motor and rocket.
    2014-07-27Edward Chess's Estes - Mega MosquitoE9-4- Chute at apogee, great delay for this motor and rocket.
    2014-08-02Bob Bernatchez's Estes - Mega MosquitoE9-4-
    2014-08-09 Hans "Chris" Michielssen's Estes Mega MosquitoEstes D12-3- Good boost, the delay could have been one second longer. Will fly with a D12-5 next time. Spill ...
    2014-10-18Bob Bernatchez's Estes - Mega MosquitoE9-4- Had some anxious moments when the parachute didn't open, but somehow the model was recovered ...
    2015-01-07Mark S's mega mosquitod12-3- Rocket landed just inside a fence guarded by two large pit bulls. Homeowners were not home to let ...
    2015-01-17Bob Bernatchez's Estes - Mega MosquitoF24-5- Took 2 starters to get the motor to light.
    2015-02-07 Bill Eichelberger's Estes - Mega MosquitoE9-4800 feet Windcocked heavily off the pad, which was a good thing because otherwise it would have crossed the ...
    2015-02-07Bob Bernatchez's Estes - Mega MosquitoE28-5- Good flight, but a long walk for recovery
    2015-03-07Bob Bernatchez's Estes - Mega MosquitoE9-4-
    2015-05-02Bob Bernatchez's Estes - Mega MosquitoE9-4- Great flight
    2015-05-23 Richard Holmes's Mega MosquitoE31-6- I decided it was time to inaugurate the 24 mm hardware I bought last August with a CTI E31 reload ...
    2015-06-13Edward Chess's Estes - Mega MosquitoD12-3- Nice slow boost, chute at apogee. No rotation.
    2015-06-21Hans Haase's Mega MosquitoF23-4J- Really scoots with this motor, perfect flight and recovery. Other than a decent walk to retrieve.
    2015-06-21Hans Haase's Mega MosquitoF23-4J- 2nd flight of the day, same motor. Another great flight.
    2015-08-08Mark S's mega mosquitod12-3- Nose & parachute separated due to burn-through on kevlar cord connecting shock cord to motor ...
    2015-08-15Ken E. Coyote's Mega MosquitoD12-3400 feet Nice flight! Great liftoff, nice climb, good chute and good recovery.
    2015-09-05Ken E. Coyote's Mega MosquitoE9-4700 feet Nice flight. Someone was asking me about adding nose weight and I said that with the large fins, ...
    2015-09-12 Hans "Chris" Michielssen's Estes Mega MosquitoEstes D12-5550' feet It was nose down when the parachute ejected. A four second delay would be perfect.
    2015-09-19Bob Bernatchez's Estes - Mega MosquitoE9-4-
    2015-12-05Bob Bernatchez's Estes - Mega MosquitoE9-4- CATO!
    2016-02-20Bob Bernatchez's Estes - Mega MosquitoD12-5-
    2016-06-18Chris Mickelson's Mega MosquitoE9-4770 feet Great long burn, straight flight - no spin.
    2016-07-09 Bob Bernatchez's Estes - Mega MosquitoE9-4- I didn't realize it until after I got home, but I accidentally grabbed a known BAD motor. I got ...
    2016-07-16Chris Mickelson's Mega MosquitoE9-4- Great straight flight, long burn, no spin, ejection was perfect.
    2016-08-13Edward Chess's Estes - Mega MosquitoD12-3- Good delay, straight boost, Chute Release at 200', good flight, no damage.
    2016-08-19Greg Perez's Mega MosquitoD12-3-
    2016-10-01Bob Bernatchez's Estes - Mega MosquitoE18-5- Angled it into the wind. Went a long way upwind under thrust, then went a long way downwind under ...
    2016-10-08Mark S's mega mosquitoD12-5- First flight after rebuild and flew well. Arced over andejected late, but deployed properly and ...
    2016-11-12Bob Bernatchez's Estes - Mega MosquitoE18-5- Something wierd happened here. The casing was ejected from the rocket about 50' up. The forward ...
    2016-11-12Mark S's mega mosquitoE9-6- Great boost, delay wasn't too long. Recovered near launch pad with no damage. Beautiful flight!
    2016-12-10 Hans "Chris" Michielssen's Estes Mega MosquitoEstes E9-4700' est. feet Launched largest first to beat the winds. After a good boost the 18" spill holed parachute caught ...
    2016-12-10Mark S's mega mosquitoE9-6- Arcing flight, late ejection but successful deployment & recovery.
    2017-01-14Mark S's mega mosquitoE9-6- Ejected while headed nose-down but recovered safely. One shroud line pulled out.
    2017-01-21 Eric Lofgren's Estes Mega MosquitoD9-4W- Flew this one to use up the reload in my 24/40 case. Was worried but it had plenty of power. Took ...
    2017-02-11Mark S's mega mosquitoE9-6- Slow roll during boost, safe recovery.
    2017-03-18Bob Bernatchez's Estes - Mega MosquitoE9-4- Parachute got fouled as soon as the Chute Release cut it loose. Good thing the ground is soft.
    2017-03-19Eric Lofgren's Estes Mega MosquitoD12-3340 feet Altitude 340ft Top speed 97 mph Thrust Time 1.75 sec ...
    2017-06-09 Rob Hoffman's Mega MosquitoE9-4-
    2017-06-17Greg Perez's Mega MosquitoD12-5-
    2017-07-08Edward Chess's Estes - Mega MosquitoD12-3- Straight boost, no rotation, chute at apogee, perfect flight.
    2017-08-09Greg Perez's Mega MosquitoD12-5-
    2017-09-09Eric Lofgren's Estes Mega MosquitoD12-3- Nice flight. A quick sprint and I managed to catch it before it landed.
    2017-10-21Richard Holmes's Mega MosquitoE9-6- Next I flew was the Mega Mosquito on an E9-6. The Mega Mo was overdue for some air time — ...

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