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Insane projects' 1/3 scale Redstone (2012-09-04)
A 350 pound mercury Redstone(1/3 scale) flying on a large P class motor made by Pat G. [View]
Estes Mercury Redstone (2012-02-07)
Estes Mercury Redstone with C-6-5 motor [View]
Estes Mercury Redstone 4/Liberty Bell 7 (2020-07-23)
Rocket Club X-1017. Maiden flight, C6-3, 218’. [View]
Estes Mercury Redstone Flight 2 (2015-08-17)
Second flight on my Mercury Redstone, 2015 edition. Perfect boost and even after landing in a gravel parking lot, there was no damage at all. I'm really liking this rocket! It looks great and is ... [View]
Little Joe-1 and Mercury Redstone Build (2019-06-20)
Aspen and me building these classic Estes scale rockets! [View]
Mercury Redstone 2018 Geoff Howard Record Breaking Launch (2018-04-09)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's Mercury Redstone Launch hobby rocket flight.  [View]
Mercury Redstone 3/4-Scale Model Rocket Launch (2018-04-27)
Do you like nerdy things like model rockets? Do you want to witness a world record attempt? Do you just want to see some intense fire? The Redstone team will be launching the 3/4 scale Mercury ... [View]
Mercury Redstone 8 Model Rocket Launch Part 1 (2015-08-12)
The first ever launch of my Mercury Redstone 8 model rocket. [View]
Mercury Redstone Cardstock Model Launch (2011-05-11)
RT Coyote celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first American in space by launching this cardstock replica converted to flightworthy status. Powered by an Apogee 1/2A2-2 10.5mm motor manufactured ... [View]
Model Rocket Launch AT SEA: Water Landings, Crashes, and Other Misadventures (2018-07-21)
[Don't try this at home!] After many successful flights with our Estes Mercury Redstone on land, we decided to launch it from our seagoing barge ... but we didn't count on the complications that a ... [View]
Stanley Black & Decker Guinness World Record model rocket launch (2018-04-18)
Shooting for the stars! In collaboration with the Maryland Delaware Rocket Association, we helped to successfully launch the world’s largest scale model rocket, achieving a Guinness World ... [View]
Vern Hoag Mercury Redstone 3 M1450 (2020-06-12)
Cool Flight of Vern Hoag's Mercury Redstone with 3 M-1450 From Cool and Really Cool Flights 2 [View]
World Record Model Rocket Launch - 3/4 Scale Mercury Redstone (2018-04-09)
64 foot tall 3/4 Scale Mercury Redstone I built along with other team members represented by Stanley Black and Decker and the Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association. Launch day (4/8/18) was very ... [View]
World Record Model Rocket | 3/4 Scale Mercury Redstone (2018-04-09)
MDRA's 3/4 scale Mercury Redstone - 5 feet in diameter and 64 feet tall.     [View]