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Published:2009-04-30 23:24:15

The RL Turner METSA academy at Rockets 09 (see ). The METSA team was composed of 13 sophomores who designed and built their own launch vehicle powered by a Hypertek K240 motor. The vehicle came in right around 10 feet tall, 4 inches in diameter and 13 pounds. It was a slightly windy day and the morning was cool so the nitrous pressure was VERY low. Because of this the motor did not develop its full thrust but it was still an exciting launch. The rocket contained a wireless video camera on a pod attached to the side. Two items conspired against the students to make the video turn out bad: 1. The camera was a 2.4Ghz camera and unfortunately the receiver had to be placed right next to a 2.4Ghz wireless router, causing major interference. 2. The video was being recorded on a vintage VCR and VHS tape, which was promptly eaten by the VCR upon replay. The onboard video is not that good because of this but still not bad.

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