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Little Indian N10000 Vmax CATO (2010-05-02)
A minimum diameter carbon fiber rocket on an N10000 Vmax motor. Launched on April 18, 2010 at the Three Oaks launch held by the Team 1 rocket club. It had a spectacular CATO about 500 feet in the ... [View]
NOV 19 2011 CLUB LAUNCH (2011-12-04)
Compiled video of quite a few of the flights from the first Club launch of the year. Great stills from Bob Bycraft as always. Thanks everyone for coming out. Almost 60 flights! [View]
Level 3 (2010-11-09)
High Power rocketry TRA Level 3 flight:November 6, 2010 at Three Oaks, Michigan. Scratchbuilt Crayon rocket on a CTI M3100 White Thunder to 4440 feet. [View]
Shazam III 3 Stage High Power Rocket (2006-12-18)
This 3 stage rocket flew perfectly. J570 to J350 to I161. Two onboard computers - Adept ES236 stager and Adept DDCS2 dual deployment performed great. My compliments to Tom Monteymayor who's "Three's ... [View]
Purple People Eater Rocket 1-30-10 (2010-01-31)
Modified PML IO for dual deploy. H210 red line motor. Main set at 700 AGL and apogee was at 2057'. Oh, and the time/date stamp on the bottom right is NOT correct - which is why I have that little ... [View]
Superfly Kisses the Clouds (2012-11-25)
This is my rocket Superfly which in the past thought it was a submarine. Well, we've come to terms with that incident and set the rocket on the straight and narrow as it were and today it behaved. ... [View]
"Retro Cinema 1" High Power Rocket Launch 04 22 18 (2018-04-24)
Launched at Midwest Blast 3 in Three Oaks, MI. This rocket was built as a tribute to "Cinema 1"- which was built as a two-stage rocket by Kirk Packo and me in 1971, and which carried a one-pound ... [View]
Bruiser High Power Rocket on CTI M1101 (2015-12-20)
Launched at Michiana Rocketry's Three Oaks, Michigan event on 12-19-15. Rocket is 8 feet tall and weighs 65 pounds. Not sure what the altitude was, I'm guessing 2500-3000 ft. Recovered about 200-300 ... [View]
Madcow 4" PAC-3 High Power Rocket Level 2 Cert. flight w/onboard HD video (2016-04-17)
Level 2 cert flight on a CTI J285. Max altitude was 2230' AGL. Successful flight! Thanks Michiana Rocketry for an awesome day! [View]
Madcow PAC-3/AT J415W High Power Rocket (2017-03-20)
Launched at Michiana Rocketry launch in Three Oaks, MI on 3-19-17. [View]
Madcow PAC-3/AT J415W High Power Rocket (2017-03-20)
Michiana Rocketry launch on 3-19-17. Motor was supposed to be a 14 second delay. Obviously it was a little early. No damage to the rocket. [View]