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Level One Cert (2012-01-24)

Rocket Shoot L1 TORC 1-7-2012 on a H133w. This was the second attempt. The First shoot had a bad chute deployment and a hard landing ( Week later repairs done and it was up for a great flight. Thanks to Lee all the folks in TORC. now on to level 2 cert.

TORC 12-31-11 Level 1 Attempt (2014-05-10)

Rocket shoot L1 Attempt at TORC 12-31-11. PML Miranda kit on a H123w. Had on-board video and ground video rolling. The main chute did not deploy fully.. got tangled in the shock cord. So it had a rough landing and I'll need to do a repair job on it and fly again. The payload bay crack was the only damage so rocket may lose 3 inches. Still made for a good video.

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