Estes - Mini Max Kit

Decals: Waterslide
Diameter: 0.98 inches
Fin Material: Balsa
Length: 9.75 inches
Manufacturer: Estes
Model: 002445
Nose Cone Material: Balsa
Product Type: Kit
Production Years: ?-?
Recommended Motors: 1/2A3-2T, 1/2A3-4T, A10-3T, A3-4T
Recovery: Streamer
Skill Level: 1
Style: Sport
Weight: 1.30 ounces
  • Estes - Mini Max {Kit} (002445) [?-?] By Duane Boldt (July 31, 2010)

    Brief: Smaller version of Estes' classic Der Red Max kit. It has a balsa nose cone, waterslide decals, streamer recover and is powereed by Estes 13mm Mini Motors. The model was built and the review submitted as part of the 2010 EMRR Challenge for the "Hit List" component. Construction: 1 - 13mm Engine Mount Tube 1 - Estes Engine Hook 1 - Mylar Hook Retainer ...

  • Estes - Mini Max {Kit} (002445) [?-?] By John Bergsmith (April 6, 2010)

    The Estes Mini Max is a smaller version based on the BT-50 of the Estes classic Der Red Max. The Mini Max is designed with a 13mm motor mount making it powered by Estes mini engines, and can reach altitudes in excess of 300 feet. As designed, recovery is accomplished with the included streamer. The new Mini Max has all the great looks of the classic version, right down to the really cool ...

  • Estes - Mini Max {Kit} (002445) [?-?] By Jason Orosco (March 28, 2010)

    Brief: The Mini Max is a single stage 13mm rocket with a streamer used for recovery. It's the baby brother to the Der Red Max. Construction: 1 Engine Mount Tube BT-5 1.75" 1 Mini Engine Hook 1 Mylar Hook Retainer HR-5 1 EB-5 1 CR-520 Split Ring 1 CR-520 Ring 3 Laser Cut Fins 1 Launch Lug 1.5" 1 Screw Eye 1 BNC-50AH 1 Shock cord ...

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  • Mini Max (Modification) By Bill Eichelberger

      Just your basic plain Jane Estes Mini Max with some added nose weight and 24mm power. Components Estes Mini Max kit Many BBs Kevlar Sewing elastic Hot pink streamer /h2 Back in the days of the Hobby Lobby 40% coupon days I got in the habit of picking up an Estes Mini Max kit whenever I made a trip to the store. I made a lot of trips one ...

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