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LOC IV on an Aerotech I435 (2011-11-02)

My LOC IV on an Aerotech I435 on Jan 22 2011. Great DD flight to almost 3200 ft. Raven altimeter said 392 mph, 27G's after download.

minnie magg l2 04182010 (2012-04-17)

This was my first L2 attempt on a J350 with an extended LOC Minnie Magg. The flight was OK on the way up, but a hard snap at apogee (notice shock cord hitting rear fin in video) pulled out the main. It ended up landing in a creek on the property, which is neat to watch near the end of the video. The rocket was waterlogged for sure, but the electronics were fine and only minor repairs to the altimeter bay due to water were needed. Next L2 attempt is planned for fall 2010.

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