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Formula 54 on a G88SS (2011-09-04)
Rocketry Warehouse Formula 54 on a CTI G88 Smokey Sam. I had a bad weight in the sim, so the projected apogee was way off, so the delay was late. Total user error, but the rocket is fine. Flown at ... [View]

LOC IV on an Aerotech I435 (2011-01-27)
My LOC IV on an Aerotech I435 on Jan 22 2011. Great DD flight to almost 3200 ft. Raven altimeter said 392 mph, 27G's after download. [View]

minnie magg l2 04182010 (2010-10-15)
This was my first L2 attempt on a J350 with an extended LOC Minnie Magg. The flight was OK on the way up, but a hard snap at apogee (notice shock cord hitting rear fin in video) pulled out the main. ... [View]

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