Rocketry Videos

By MIT Rocket Team

MMMSC Launch 6th December 2015 - MIT Rocket Team (2015-12-07)
We attended the MMMSC launch earlier today! Here's a hype video made by Charlie G. '19 with footage of most of the rockets that flew. Photos and footage courtesy of RT members Charlie, Will and ... [View]

P9100 Static Fire - MIT Rocket Team (2019-01-29)
This is the team's third P motor test, and our most successful one to date. Using only 3 grains, the motor's volume loading increased. The new propellant formula burned slower, and with better ... [View]

Therion Flight Test 1 - MIT Rocket Team (2016-04-24)
MIT's Rocket Team took Project Therion to an URRG Launch. Therion stands 11ft 8in tall and weighs in at 58lbs. All components were student constructed except the nose cone and the motor. The vehicle ... [View]

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