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By MMPVideo1981

Model Rocket - Hermes 1 Launch 5 (11/27/2010) (2011-02-22)
Very cold (15, with wind chill). Launched payload of Christmas ornaments. First attempt failed. Reset and launched. Note: Took several seconds to launch rocket due to cold. Aimed about 15 degrees ... [View]

Model Rocket - Hi-Jinks Launch 11 (10/3/2010) (2011-01-05)
Standard B powered flight. Good flight, but parachute did not fully come out of the body tube. Crash landed just short of Lincoln School (had the parachute actually deployed, would have landed on ... [View]

Model Rocket - Hi-Jinks Launch 13 (10/4/2010) (2011-01-16)
Very rapid ascent. Good flight. Parachute was packed by Daniel and did not deploy. Part of fin cracked off on hard landing and may not be able to be repaired. [View]

Model Rocket - Load Star Launch 1 (9/9/2010) (2010-12-31)
First flight of unmodified Load Star rocket. Perfect launch and recovery. Daniel caught the rocket as it landed near a fence. [View]

Model Rocket - Phoenix 2 Launch 2 (10/5/2010) (2011-01-24)
Good flight. Parachute replaced by repurposed Astrobeam parachute. Worked well. Nice stable descent. Daniel caught on the way down. Onboard video recorded flight, but mostly aimed at the sun. [View]

Model Rocket - Phoenix 2 Launch 3 (10/11/2010) (2011-02-01)
Low flight. Parachute deployed from a low altitude. Camera recorded most of the flight except impact. Camera damaged onboard. Believe can still use in VOX mode. [View]

Model Rocket - Phoenix 2 Launch 5 (2/26/2011) (2011-02-27)
Cold (22). Wind was calm, though picked up a bit as the rocket was prepped (no measurement; the wind meter didn't work). Took 2x to launch and several seconds to ignite engine. Good flight. Landed ... [View]

Model Rocket - Rocket Cam 1 (2010) (2010-06-08)
The first (and last) successful flight of "Rocket Cam 1" carrying a video camera onboard.(June 7, 2010). This was a modified Estes LoadStar kit. [View]

Model Rocket - Rocket Cam 2 Launch 18 (10/3/2010) (2011-01-05)
Low powered B flight with onboard video. First flight for Camera 4. Parachute did not deploy correctly. Camera recorded flight until landing. No damage to rocket or camera. [View]

Model Rocket - Saturn 8 - Launch 5 (1/10/2012) (2012-01-15)
Temperature: 41 degrees. Clear skies. Wind blowing ~10 mph from the south. Very high flight. Lost near apogee, but able to locate again right before parachute ejection charge went off. Parachute ... [View]

Model Rocket - Saturn 8 - Launch 8 (2/18/2012) (2012-02-19)
Time: 4:40 pm. Temperature: 23 degrees. Clear skies. Sunny. Wind: calm. Launched with Altimeter Two onboard. Good flight. Very high. Parachute deployed and opened. Rocket landed about 10 yards ... [View]

Model Rocket - Silver Streaker Launch 1 (03/06/2011) (2011-03-07)
Temperature: 31 degrees, partly cloudy, low wind. First test of 12V launch controller. First launch of Silver Streaker with Estes C-6-5. Had onboard camera mounted with rubber bands. Parachute did ... [View]

Model Rocket - Skyhawker Launch 1 (9/9/2010) (2010-12-31)
First flight of Skyhawker. Parachute did not deploy. Crashed into the grass and bottom of rocket tube was bent. Able to repair. [View]

Model Rocket - Skyhawker Launch 14 (03/06/2011) (2011-03-07)
First multi-launch day of 2011. Prepped with an Estes B-6-4 and an onboard video camera. Parachute deployed, but didn't open. Crashed about 10 feet from the launch site. Rocket suffered only minor ... [View]

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