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Scratch built rocket for Jolly Logic's Chute Release product. Aerotech G80-10T motor for maiden flight. 60 fps Mobius Actioncam/Additive Aerospace shroud and 60fps keychain camcorder onboard. ... [View]
2018 01 14 Mike IIb ESL234 CTI J145 (2018-01-19)
Mike IIb On-board Video flown at MDRA Eastern Shore Launch 234 on January 14, 2018. This video was taken with a Mobius Action Camera mounted in the avionics bay using the LiquidFyre mounting system ... [View]
Broken Arrow L1685 12,027’ (2018-02-22)
URRG 4-30-17 CTI L1685SS 75mm 5 grain Mach 1.2 Electronics: SL100, Raven 3, BRB GPS, Mobius camera [View]
Cheetah Rocket Launch off County Park, Green Lake, WI - 2/9/19. Max Alt. 1,510 ft. (2019-02-10)
With Aerotech Cheetah and F67-9W motor. Used a Jolly Logic Altimeter Two Gen 2. Video taken with Mobius Mini v2. The camera was loose but luckily I did not loose it :) I had it secured with tape and ... [View]
High Power Rocket - CTI K260 - Moreno Cartel Rocket (2018-11-22)
Madcow 4" Black Brant launch at Tripoli's Eagle Eye Rocket Launch in Aguila, Arizona. Motor: CTI K260 Longburn | Apogee: 7493 feet | Top Speed: Mach 0.70 | Electronics: Missile Works RRC2+ Altimeter ... [View]
July 4th Madcow Nike Smoke Rocket on an Aerotech J415 (2020-07-06)
July 4th rockets at the 4 Corners Rocketry Association launch. Madcow Nike Smoke launched on an Aerotech J415 motor to 6425' AGL. Video from several angles including an on-board Mobius camera angled ... [View]
LDRS 2019 2 stage rocket, alternate view. (2020-05-16)
Thanks to ChuckH, an alternate view of my LDRS flight. LDRS 38 in Argonia KS. 2 Stage flight to +28k’ Booster CTI M1540 IMax Stratologger CF and EggFinder TX GPS 66” Spherechute main ... [View]
LOC Doorknob June 16 2018 at BARC (2018-06-17)
LOC Doorknob on an Aerotech J270W-8 using a Mobius 2 camera. [View]
Loc Minie Magg on an I280 Dark Matter @ Bong (2017-08-21)
My Loc Precision Mini Magg modified with a 54mm mount and a downward looking Mobius camera. Launching at the monthly TWA launch at Bong on August 12, 2017 on an Aerotech I280 Dark Matter with an ... [View]
Mach1 Rocketry Black Hole at SPAAR FIG 09.31.2019 (2019-12-15)
HEADPHONE ALERT!! Perfectflight Stratologger CF, streamer drogue with 24" main chute. Power was an Aerotech F67-9. Camera was MobiusMini in an Additive Aerospace shroud. Original video was captured ... [View]
Madcow AGM 33 PIKE 5 5 (2015-08-31)
Maiden flight to 7704ft. on an Aerotech M1297 White Lightning At URRG Potter Field Aug 29 2015. Marsa 54L & Stratologger Altimeters. Fruity Chutes Iris 72' main chute. One Bad Hawk recovery ... [View]
Madcow DX3 at SPAAR FIG Launch 07.06.2019 (2019-11-23)
Motor startup was a lot like my old Studebaker. :) Flight was a Madcow Rocketry DX3 dual deploy. Perfectflight Stratologger CF, streamer drogue with 24" main chute. Power was an Aerotech G79W LMS. ... [View]
PML Ariel, 2-17-19 at SoJARS (2019-02-17)
PML Ariel on a CTI G131-5 Smokey at SoJARS, 2-17-19. Taken with a Mobius camera on the ground that blew over with the exhaust, and a second Mobius strapped to the rocket. [View]
RedHawk Onboard Camera (HPR L3 Certification Attempt) (2019-05-19)
Attempt at a High Power Rocketry L3 certification with a Black Brant X kit in Dual Deploy configuration and an Aerotech J425R motor. The onboard camera is a Mobius attached to the fuselage with a 3d ... [View]