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Blueprint for Disaster long view (2006-05-22)
Another view of the world's largest hybrid rocket motor powered monocopter at MDRA's Price MD launch site. The Kevlar and Carbon fibered machine reached approximately 500 feet before the nitrous ... [View]
Monocopter flight at ESL 88 (2008-12-31)
A bit of an experiment of a motor at ESL 88 several years ago. [View]
Blueprint for Disaster-take 2 (2006-11-06)
The second flight of the world's largest (so far) hybrid monocopter. A new formula, a nice flight and another hard landing at MDRA's Red Glare launch. [View]
World's largest Monocopter (2006-12-24)
Ed Miller owns the largest monocopter so far, burning a J to a J and finishing up with a K. It didn't behave as normal but it may have had something to do with the last scene. [View]
Blueprint for Disaster hybrid rocket monocopter (2006-05-22)
The world's second, and largest, hybrid powered monocopter videotaped by Liberty Launch Systems and posted with their permission. I own the monocopter and built and designed it. [View]
Monocopter at Dusk (2006-05-20)
The disassembly of the world's first hybrid rocket monocopter at dusk. The Carbon Fiber machine broke in half from the extreme centrifugal force aided by the freeze of the sub -50 degree nitrous ... [View]
NERRF Rocket Festival Music Video (2006-04-18)
A music video of CalmInSight and the Independent North East Regional Rocket Festival. Including several clips of the world's biggest monocopter. Just turn up the volume. [View]
Rocket powered monocopter (2006-05-20)
This is a shakedown flight for the world's first hybrid powered monocopter. A monocopter is a flying machine with a single wing on one end and a motor on the other end. It is kind of a maple seed in ... [View]