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NYPOWER X Saturn V (2007-07-21)
The Hannas launched a great looking rendition of a Saturn V at NYPOWER X [View]
Half Scale Patriot M1610BL Drone (2018-04-23)
Some short drone footage of the 1/2 Scale Patriot on a Gorilla M1610BL (Sparky) at a M.A.R.S. launch... [View]
High Power ARCAS at MARS 8-20-17 (2017-08-26)
A perfect flight of my 2.6" MADCOW ARCAS on a CTI J530 Motor.flown at MARS launch in Geneseo, NY [View]
High Powered Rockets 1: A Weekend in Geneseo (2019-07-03)
While I debug some of my machines, here's some video from rockets I launched a few weekends ago! [View]
MARS Club Model Rocket Launch footage (2019-07-22)
A Short Montage of Model Rocket launches at MARS Club in Summer of 2019. [View]
MARS Rocket Club Launch Day (2013-07-09)
Just a taste of the action on the club's launch day. Great rocket science group for both beginners and experts alike in the greater Rochester area. Visit for more information. [View]