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Using 29 to 38mm motor adapters in High Power model rockets (2009-09-25)
29mm motor mount adapters for 38mm kits are deceptively simple looking. "How do you use them?" is a common question people ask. This video will show you a few simple techniques. [View]
"Using A Motor Adapter for High-Power Model Rockets" (2010-09-22)
This video shows how easy it is to use the metal motor-mount adapters. The purpose of the adapter is to allow you to use skinnier motors in a rocket kit that has a motor mount that uses larger ... [View]
Motor Extensions for Minimum Diameter Rockets (2012-09-04)
You're probably asking: "What is a motor extension? And why might I need one?" These are very good questions, and I'll try to answer them in this week's video. The short story is that they allow you ... [View]