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Model Rocket Launch - Onboard Video Camera (2011-07-08)

The following is video taken from a camera onboard a model rocket. The launch took place during an "Intro to the Nebraska Student Satellite Program / Model Rocket Workshop" given at Little Priest Tribal College in Winnebago Nebraska on April 10 2010 (although the date stamp on the video says differently). The workshop was sponsored by the NASA Nebraska Space Grant. The onboard altimeter gave a reading of 919 feet for the rocket, and a look on Google Maps indicate it drifted nearly a quarter of a mile, landing just 10 feet from a set of railroad tracks. It also seemed to just barely miss two thick areas of trees, and a small creek. The beeping you hear is from an onboard sonic beacon, used to aid in the recovery of the rocket. Since the camera was inverted during much of the flight, the original images were upside-down. These were flipped for the video. This video is very erratic. For an easier-to-view option, be sure to see the "Onboard Camera Slide Show" video.

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