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Aerotech Mustang Model Rocket Launch In Taos NM on Metal Storm G-Motor (2014-01-17)

Model Rocket Launch In Taos NM on Metal Storm G-Motor. My brother in law, nephews and I launched a Aerotech Mustang Rocket on a G-Metal Storm & G-Black Jack ...

Estes Saturn V Launch On Aerotech G-80 Motor With Keychain Camera - San Marcos (2011-12-31) 830.896.6331 This was the 2nd actual launch of the Estes Saturn V that my brother and I modified to handle motors up to the J category. We had a successful launch with minor damage to 1 fin and lost the capsule. Rocket achieved 922 ft in altitude and drifted into a tree top where we had to climb the tree and cut it out with a tree trimmer. Next launch will be an H-motor.

Hunter & Bert's Model Rocket Day - Alamo Rocketeers (2011-09-13)

June 4, 2011 China Grove, Texas. Hunter and I had a great day watching dozens of rockets and launching a few of our own. This was put on by the Alamo Rocketeers a great group of people and great family atmosphere. We launched the Quest Lil Grunt with keychain rocket cam and a replica of the Estes Viper, among others.

Mad Cow Phoenix On An Aerotech J800 Blue Thunder - Hutto, TX - AARG (2014-01-17)

My brother and I finally had a successful launch with a 54mm Mad Cow Phoenix provided by Chad -, thanks Chad!!! Single Deploy at...

Nuke PRo Maxx High Power Rocket- Alamo Rocketeers - E-30-4t Motor (2011-06-25) This was the first Model Rocket launch of the Nuke Pro Maxx with a Key Chain Spy Cam attached. About 500-600 foot altitude.Took place in China Grove Texas with Alamo Rocketeers.

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