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3 Mid Power Rocket Launches In San Marcos TX - Quest Lil Grunt & Loc Nuke Pro Maxx On G-64W (2011-10-17) The 3 Launches include 2 camera launches of Quest Lil Grunt On E-98's & Nuke Pro Maxx On G-64 Motor w/key chain cam & Altimeter 1 & Sonic Locator. Great sky & ground ... [View]

AARG April 2014 Nuke PRO Max Cato - I255 Redline (2014-04-07)
After observing the video footage, it looks like the motor ejection charge fired a fraction of a second after lift off separating the payload bay, upper body tube and nose cone as Mark said. I say ... [View]

AARG Dec 2015 High Power Rocket Launch - Saturn V & Aerotech Mustang (2015-12-06)
Today was one of those perfect sunny Texas winter days in December. Winds, 5 mph or less, pure sun and temps gettinginto the 60's. Flew the old reliable Saturn V on a I-125 CTI long burn motor. Burn ... [View]

Aerotech Mustang Model Rocket Launch In Taos NM on Metal Storm G-Motor (2010-12-09)
Model Rocket Launch In Taos NM on Metal Storm G-Motor. My brother in law, nephews and I launched a Aerotech Mustang Rocket on a G-Metal Storm & G-Black Jack ... [View]

China Grove ~ 7/16/2011 - Mercury Redstone & Saturn V Model Rocket Launch (2011-08-05) We had a great group launch and learned a lot. This launch occurred on the 42nd anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11. [View]

Estes Saturn V Launch On Aerotech G-80 Motor With Keychain Camera - San Marcos (2011-12-11) 830.896.6331 This was the 2nd actual launch of the Estes Saturn V that my brother and I modified to handle motors up to the J category. We had a successful launch with minor ... [View]

Estes Saturn V Model Rocket On G64 Motor From 100 Yards Away (2011-08-25) Saturn V Model Rocket on an Aerotech G64 White Lightening. Rocket weighs 2 lbs and capable of flying on 38mm motors. [View]

Estes Saturn V On Aerotech G138T - Launch #4 (2012-01-23) This was the 4th flight of the Estes Saturn V Kit that occurred on 1/21/2012 at 7:30pm. We used an Aerotech G138T and drilled out the delay charge to be around 6 ... [View]

High Power Rocket Launch - Hutto, TX AARG - LOC Nuke Pro Max On G151-Blue Streak (2013-03-02)
Winds were gusting to 25 or 30 mph, so I picked a fast burn G151 on a 1.6lb rocket. Windcocked a bit at launch and dove with a 13 second delay. Parachute did not fully deploy. Suspect the th 6 grain ... [View]

Kyle, Bert & Nathan's Launch Day In Hutto Texas(Saturn V Launch #6) February 25, 2012 (2012-03-04) .This video is comprised of multiple rocket launches. The main launch was flight #6 of the Estes Saturn V on a Cesaroni 1-180 Skid Mark motor. This is the most powerful ... [View]

Mad Cow Phoenix On An Aerotech J800 Blue Thunder - Hutto, TX - AARG (2013-02-03)
My brother and I finally had a successful launch with a 54mm Mad Cow Phoenix provided by Chad -, thanks Chad!!! Single Deploy at... [View]

Maiden Modified Saturn V Rocket Launch - Alamo Rocketeers - Launch #1 (2011-08-25) On 8/20/2011 My brother and I launched our modified Saturn V Rocket on a Aerotech G64 White Lightening 29mm reload. This was the Maiden flight of highly modified Estes ... [View]

NAR Level 2 Cert Flight - Saturn V - J270 CTI Motor (2013-01-07)
Finally Level 2 certified on my Estes Saturn V. It flew to 2,986 feet on a J270 5 grain motor. Flew perfectly straight up and 8 second delay popped shoot right as she hit apogee. Came down on a ... [View]

Saturn V Catastrophic Failure - South Texas Aerospace Club June 8, 2013 (2013-06-23)
Well, on her 9th flight the air frame failed under a CTI I-223 motor. Surprising as it has flown well with a J270 and I-223 before. I guess today wasn't her day. Looks like I can get a coupler on ... [View]

Saturn V Launch #7 Flown On I-297 SK Motor - 2,834 feet (2012-10-11)
This was the 7th flight of our modified Estes Saturn V Rocket. I chose a CTI I-297 SK motor. The last flight was on a I-170 SK and it flew great. This is a 5 grain motor and it was gusting about 17 ... [View]

Saturn V Rocket Launch, Der Mega Red Max Rocket Launch, Aerotech Mustang Rocket Launch (2015-03-14) Aerial footage of the Saturn V Rocket Launch, Der Mega Red Max Rocket Launch, Aerotech Mustang Rocket Launch. [View]

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