Rocketry Videos

By Mysticlambo

"Baby Q" 13 M motors! (2014-09-23)
Thirteen M motors light at different times pushing this -500lb rocket sideways toward Callico at BALLS23 [View]

2 stage N2000W - M685W (2013-09-17)
70,000' attempt using a 2 stage rocket. Beautiful boost on an Aerotech N2000W. Sustainer was less than nominal. Still a cool project none the less! [View]

54mm min dia on K375NW (2010-09-20)
54mm minimum diameter. Very short. Scratch built. Hand-built fins. 43" 6.96lbs loaded K375 warp9 to white lightning Aerotech Boost-Sustain 54/2560 17,248 AGL mach 2.24 59Gs [View]

Aaron stanley K870T (2010-08-09)
Aaron flies his 54mm Minimum Diameter rocket 'Whiplash' on an Aerotech K870T Demo motor for the 54/1706 case. 9424 feet AGL [View]

Bad Boy K550 L2 cert flight (2010-08-09)
Bad Boy, 10ft tall. 4" dia. fiberglass. 12.68lbs on the pad. Aerotech K550. Sucsessfull L2 cert. [View]

Ben - C6 cluster (2014-12-07)
3x Quest C motors make a beautiful straight flight! at Snow Ranch 2014 [View]

big V2 - Rx N1960 (2016-09-28)
11.5 inch V2 lifts off on an EX N1960 motor [View]

Daisuke Sakais 4 inch project failure at XPRS 2010 M1315 (2010-10-24)
Video by James Lloyd. Bluetube coupler failure leads to flight failure. XPRS2010 [View]

Gene E - L1040Dm (2014-10-19)
Gene flies his rocket on an Aerotech L1040 Dark Matter [View]

Gene E- M685W (2014-09-15)
Flown at XPRS 2014 in his 4" diameter rocket called "Full Yellow Jacket" [View]

Hornet- G79W- flight #3 (2010-11-14)
Aerotech G79w in hornet. My scratch built 29mm min dia. [View]

I1299N (2014-10-19)
Aerotech I1299 Warp9 at October Skies 2014 [View]

James F - Wildman Extreme M2020IM (2013-09-17)
James Flenner flies a CTI M2020Imax in a 4" G12 Wildman Extreme. XPRS2013. Awesome flight! [View]

k185 and h170 (2010-08-09)
flights at aeronaut 2010 [View]

Kevin M - K375Nw Min dia (2016-09-28)
Kevin McGrath flies his 54mm minimum diameter rocket 'Iron Man' on an AeroTech K375 NW. warp9 to white lightning at XPRS 2016 [View]

Mike B - K560w (2014-12-07)
Mike flies his beautiful dominator 4 on an Aerotech K1000W at Snow Ranch 2014 [View]

Mike B - K560w Pad video (2014-12-07)
Mike flies a Dominator 4 on an Aerotech K560w at Snow Ranch 2014 [View]

Rick T - M1850W - KATE onboard (2013-09-17)
Rick Thome's "The Beast" flying on an Aerotech M1850W motor. KATE system onboard. XPRS 2013 [View]

Ron and Cindy S- H123W (2014-09-15)
Aerotech H123 White Lightning [View]

Ryan C - I357T (2014-08-23)
My L1 cert (lol) from XPRS 2013. Kwiksilver 2.1" G12 nose and airframe. laser cut metal fins. mailing tube 38mm mmt. 5 feet tall. ~8lbs. on an Aerotech I357 blue thunder motor. 2nd flight on that ... [View]

Ryan C - J500G (2014-08-23)
my L2 flight using one of my "sunday flier" rockets. 2" dia, fiberglass and aluminum, 5 feet tall, 10lbs on an Aerotech J500 Mojave Green. Chose to leave shearpins off to aid deployment which ... [View]

Steve J - CTI N5800Cstar (2014-09-15)
Steve flies his 6" diameter, 12+ feet tall, 100+ lb rocket named "Warped Reality" on a Cesaroni Technology N5800 Cstar motor. [View]

Steve J - M2100G min dia (2016-09-28)
Steve Jurvetson flies his Mongoose98 on an Aerotech M2100 at BALLS 25 [View]

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