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Gus Piepenburg's Headless cross (2012-09-02)
A 65 pound rocket that shredded on an N5800 c* 9/2/2012 [View]
Midwest Power 2011 Drag Race (2011-11-01)
12 Ultimate Wildman rockets take off at 2011 Midwest Power, just north of Princeton, IL. Each one is flying a Cesaroni N-5800 motor. There are some photos first, then video in real-time, 1/4 time, ... [View]
Balls 2013 FCY Video to 118,000 feet (2013-09-30)
This is an on-board video from my 2013 flight at Balls (the FourCarbYen two-stager). The rocket reached 118,000 feet. The descent is very chaotic, but use the pause button to see a lot of nice ... [View]
Balls 2018 On Board Video - 175,000 Feet! (2018-09-30)
This three-stage flight was performed by Jim Jarvis (with lots of help) at Balls 27 on September 21, 2018. The launch was help at the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. The flight reached about 175,000 ... [View]
Don't Debate This, Too (final edit) - CTI N5800 in a Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composite Case (2019-08-17)
We successfully launched at 1:30 PM PT on Friday 21 September 2018 in Black Rock Desert Nevada. While only a portion of the on-board avionics was recovered, the evidence suggests the rocket made it ... [View]
PHX4 Rocket launches to over 200000' attaining the highest amateur two stage flight. (2018-08-01)
Experience this amazing supersonic near space flight through on board HD video. Curt von Delius's state of the art PHX4 launched on June 16, 2018 from the Black Rock Desert, Nevada. Accelerating to ... [View]
University of Oklahoma CTI N5800 Rocket Launch (2019-03-14)
The University of Oklahoma's Undergraduate Rocket Research group launched a level 3 high power rocket in Argonia Kansas on March 10th 2019. It went well. [View]