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D3V12 Tower Rocket really skooting 1200fps (2011-07-13)

D3V12 Tower Rocket really skooting - Keep in mind this is 1200fps and note how FAST this thing is still going at this frame rate! it must have been really getting up and going! 1200fps

D8V6 High Flight from E Glider after Naram (2011-06-03)

Once again Keith came through by letting me strap a camera to his electric glider but this time it was a BIG brushless e glider so we were able to strap the 720p HD camera to it to capture this awesome view of the launch site after Naram was over. I need to do this at the START of Naram when its all packed with cars people tents and rockets. I plan to get one of these airplanes so I can shoot a lot more HD aerial video!

HD Camera Onboard Footage Naram 51 720p (2011-06-22)

a 720p camera takes a ride on a Road runner G80-4 for a nice boost and very nice decent!

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