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Charger Rocket Works 2009-2010: HARA Launch 09/05/2009, 1/2 (2009-09-10)
The first launch event for 2009-2010 Team of UAHuntsville Charger Rocket Works (NASA USLI). 2 of us got NAR Level 2 certification! : ) [View]
MSU Space Cowboys 2010-2011 (2011-06-08)
Space Cowboys attended the University Student Launch Initiative (USLI) Level 2 Challenge at NASA Wallops, VA this past May (2011). This video shows an overview of the entire year's design, build, ... [View]
PCS Sub Scale Testing (2013-02-18)
UofL University Student Launch Initiative tests our Parachute Control System on a half scale model. Big thanks to Bluegrass Rocketry Society for hosting the launch! [View]
Sub-Scale Rocket Launch (2010-12-29)
Captured by Team Member, Jon Jones [View]
Northwest HS NASA-SLI test launch 3-13-2010.wmv (2010-03-17)
The Northwest High School (Fort Worth, TX) NASA-SLI team launched their full-scale project rocket on March 13, 2010 at the Hearne Municipal Airport in Hearne, TX at a regularly scheduled Houston ... [View]
PSU USLI Subscale Launch 1_15_11.3GP (2011-01-27)
Penn State's USLI team launched its subscale rocket for the first time on the afternoon of Saturday, January 15th at the Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association (MDRA) launch site in Price, MD. The ... [View]
2019 Student Rocket Launch (2019-09-19)
On July 20, 2019, ULA, Ball Aerospace and K-12 teams from around the country celebrated the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing with a rocket launch from Fort Carson Army Post, outside of ... [View]
Community: NASA Student Launch Competition | Saint-Gobain Mobility (2019-07-12)
Students from St. Mary-St. Vincent High School compete as one of only seven high school teams participating in NASA's collegiate-level Student Launch program to build a functioning rocket. ... [View]
Hydra 2 Stage High Power Rocket (2017-08-04)
Built during the summer of 2017, HYDRA was the spiritual successor to River City Rocketry's award winning 2017 NASA Student Launch "Typhon Heavy" rocket. Weighing in at 65 pounds and standing over ... [View]
May 2018 Expo - NASA Student Launch Initiative (2018-05-28)
Second Place Award Winner for Best Project Video - UNC Charlotte William States Lee College of Engineering - Senior Design Expo - Spring 2018 [View]
NASA Student Launch - UNCC Senior Design Expo Spring 2019 (2019-04-25)
This video captures and summarizes the work that the 49er Rocketry Team has done over the last eight months for the 2018-2019 NASA Student Launch Competition. [View]
NASA Student Launch Full Scale Test Launch Onboard Footage - 4999 ft (2020-02-13)
Harrison Ny NASA Student Launch Team successful full scale test launch to 4999' Rocket details: 4" diameter FG 116" tall 24.8 lbs SLCF + RRC2 CTI K660 motor TEG payload system/experiment Flight ... [View]
Payloads (2016-02-16)
This video discusses what is classified as a payload and describes the different categories of payloads. The video discusses the use of altimeters and accelerometers in recovery events and different ... [View]
RCR 2018 Qualification - NASA Student Launch (2018-04-03)
Despite a tumultuous season, River City Rocketry has persevered and is going to Huntsville to launch one last time.  [View]
Rocket Launch (2018-02-24)
NASA Student Launch Initiative Fullscale test [View]
Students from across the country compete in NASA rocket launch (2019-04-07)
Students from around the country came to the Tennessee Valley to compete in a rocket launch. [View]
This Is River City Rocketry (2017-11-30)
Visit for more competition information [View]
UH students launch rocket in NASA competition (2019-04-07)
With triumphant shouts and phones aimed skyward, University of Hawaiʻi Project Imua students achieved liftoff, launching the rocket and payload they designed and built for the NASA Student Launch ... [View]