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Aerotech Initiator Fail (2012-09-19)

First (and last) flight of my son's Aerotech Initiator. The motor chuffed for a few seconds before generating enough thrust to clear the pad, but it arced to the right, had a nice bonus delay, and found a hungry tree. Lost my nice Rouse-Tech RMS 29/40-120 casing.

Aerotech Initiator rocket on an F20-4W engine with camera (2011-12-31)

Ignore the date, it was actually taken 12/30/2011. First time trying out new camera I picked up for $16 on Ebay. The parachute wrapped and failed to fully deploy and a fin was broken on landing. I'll fix it up with some Epoxy tonight.

Aerotech Sumo First Flight w/onboard camera (2012-03-09)

First launch of my Aerotech Sumo using a G76-4G Mojave Green motor. I attached my 808 keychain cam and also recorded the flight looking down from the rocket. It landed about 25 feet from the launch pad, I managed to catch it. During construction, the piston ejection system was so tight it made me nervous even after a ton of sanding so I left it out and went with a parachute blast protector.

G-FORCE Final Flight (2014-01-18)

A sticky body tube coupler doomed my trusty G-Force rocket to a lake stake in a retention pond. I recovered everything but the nose cone, which is buried in ...

G-Force Rocket (2012-03-09)

Aerotech G-Force Rocket. Two launches from 2/18/2012, with video from both ground and on board flight cams. Enjoy!

Level 1 Certification Flight - High Power rocket (2012-04-15)

Level one certification flight, using a Mad Cow Phoenix and an RMS 38/240 H148R engine. I drilled out 4 seconds of delay. It went pretty deep in the woods, took awhile to find, but it was a successful flight and certification.

Level 2 Certification Flight (2013-06-19)
LOC Bruiser launch, TTRA (2012-09-19)

LOC Bruiser launch, TTRA at Plant City, FL. Powering the flight was a CTI J453 White Thunder in a 6XL casing.

LOC Fantom Ground Test (2012-09-19)

First attempt at testing sheer pins used for nose cone retention on a dual deployment rocket.

Rocket Cams (2012-03-05)

Launch Day on Merritt Island. Flew my 808 keychain cam on a couple of flights.

Rocket Launch Compilation (2012-03-09)

Various launches, 2/18/2012

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