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night launches (2007-05-30)
Compilation of a few night launches at Jean Lake (dry) near Las Vegas, NV [View]
NSL 2008 Saturday Night (2008-05-27)
Video from the night launch, Saturday 24/May/2008, at the National Sport Launch 2008 put on by the National Association of Rocketry in Orangeburg, SC. [View]
e15-cato.mpeg4 (2011-07-13)
CATO of a 20+ year old E15-8, in slow-motion, at dusk. 3 of the 4 motors we had died like this; one worked perfectly and the rocket went really high, higher than with an E9. [View]
CMASS 11/17/2012 Night Launches (2012-11-21)
Several fun rocket flights from CMASS' annual night launch 2012. [View]
FL2010 Night Launch: Berl's Spool (2010-09-07)
At the night launch of the Freedom Launch '010, Berl Finklestein flew his Spool on a J-180. it sported a taped on flashlight and a blinking light under the cap. as you can see, it didn't go off as ... [View]
Model Rocket - Night Flights (2014-09-29)
A compilation of clips from night model rocketry flights conducted following the completion of HPR flights during the Canberra Rocketry Group's 'Ardlethan 6' launch. [View]
Model Rocket Launches (Slo-mo, drone view, ground view, night view) (2018-09-15)
My youngest son found some of our old rockets. We used to launch them with his eldest brother about 15+ years ago. He was instantly obsessed and begged me for days to launch them. Finally we got a ... [View]
Monocopter at Dusk (2006-05-20)
The disassembly of the world's first hybrid rocket monocopter at dusk. The Carbon Fiber machine broke in half from the extreme centrifugal force aided by the freeze of the sub -50 degree nitrous ... [View]
Night Launch - Cool Spool G75 Metalstorm (2016-12-07)
Slow motion video of a Cool Spool launch on an Aerotech G75 Metalstorm at one of VAST's night launches. [View]
Night launch onboard video - Punisher Sport on G77-7 Redline (2016-11-08)
At Midwest Power 14 in Princeton, IL, 5 November 2016. My rocket. [View]
Night rocket flight at ESL79 (2006-12-22)
Steve and his father light up the Maryland sky with a dusk flight at MDRA's ESL 79 [View]
South Texas Aerospace Club Night Rocket Launch July 12, 2014 at Beeville Municipal Airport (2014-07-18)
South Texas Aerospace Club Night Rocket Launch July 12, 2014 at Beeville Municipal Airport. Wastequip rocket blast-off by first time flyer #6. [View]
Tri-Cities Rocketeers Sod Blaster 2019 Launch Part 3 Saturday Afternoon (2020-02-06)
Afternoon and evening flying at the Sod Blaster 2019 launch. Saturday wrapped up the Big Daddy Stress Test competition (watch for a later video featuring just the Big Daddy contest), and included ... [View]