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2018 March Holtville Havoc 2 Rocket Launch - David and John Robb's Rocket Launch (2018-03-06)
Traveled to Holtville Havoc 2 organized by San Diego Tripoli. Great launch with fun crowd... Friday couldn't have been better but later in the weekend the wind from a storm that battered the North ... [View]
Nike Apache 2 stage fail (2019-05-28)
Mad Cow Nike Apache two stage rocket fails to light sustainer. Booster Motor was Aetotech J500 and with H195 DMS in sustainer. After separation, the booster coasted to 1700' before deploying a main ... [View]
ROCKETS Magazine BALLS 20 Team Hardtail (2014-04-05)
Team Hardtail's Nike Apache Wallops on an O3200 staging to an M600 at BALLS 20 [View]